General Liability

General Liability

Running a business always comes with risk. What happens if a customer or member of the public is injured by you at your premises or in the course of your business? If you accidently damage someone’s property, or your products hurt someone you could be legally liable to pay compensation, and this is why it is essential to have a General Liability policy. This policy is available alongside our Professional Indemnity & Technology Liability products.


General Liability provides cover for your legal liability relating to personal injury, property damage and advertising injury to third parties connected to your business. Even if you are found not liable, claims and litigation can be costly and frustrating to defend, taking a huge toll on your business and reputation. This policy can protect against these costs, minimising the disruption to you and your business.

Coverage Benefits

Designed for modern day exposures

This policy is specifically tailored to meet the contractual requirements you face in today's business environment.

Cost in addition policy

Unlimited Reinstatements

Multiple claims? The full policy limit is available for each claim, even if you've already had a claim that year.

NIL Excess on Defence Costs

Uncapped defence costs with no excess payable on a successful defence (insureds only pay the excess if liable).


Worldwide excluding USA/Canada

Target Segments

Professional Services

Information & Technology

Registered, Complementary and Supplementary Medical Practitioners


Up to $20m

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