Accountants Professional Indemnity

Accountants Professional Indemnity

When providing professional advice, accountants have a duty of care for the advice and assistance they provide to their clients. Delta’s Accountants Professional Indemnity Policy is designed to meet the requirements of professional associations and protect insured individuals, their reputation, and their business against the financial burden of legal actions arising from alleged negligence or breach of duty based on a professional error, act, or omission brought against them.


Accountants' Professional Indemnity Insurance is specialised cover designed to protect accounting professionals and their firms from financial losses due to claims of negligence, errors, omissions, or misconduct in their professional services. Given the complex nature of accounting services and the potential for disputes, having Professional Indemnity Insurance provides peace of mind and financial security for accounting professionals and their businesses.

Coverage Benefits

Providing cover for civil liability arising from:

Professional negligence, act, error or omission

Breach of duty including breach of fiduciary duty

Breach of confidentiality


Breach of warranties and conditions

Consumer Protection Legislations

Intellectual Property Infringement

Additional Covers

Additional covers provided to ensure extra protection include but are not limited to:

Continuous Cover

Auditing Standards

Fraud & Dishonesty

Vicarious Liability for Consultants

Reputation Protection Costs

Investigation Costs

Two automatic reinstatements of the limit

Defence costs in addition to limit

Contractual liabilities

Limitation of Liability in Contracts

Extended Reporting Periods

Loss mitigation costs

Optional Extensions

Optional policy extensions available at request include:

Fidelity Cover

Previous Business

Target Segments

Accounts Preparation


BAS Services

Auditing (excl. Public Listed Companies)

Account Managements Consultants

Taxation (Personal and Private Company Tax)

Industries we are unable to right

Financial Planning

Chief Financial Officer

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Finance / Investment Advice


Primary and Excess limits up to $10m any one claim


Australian domiciled risks only

Worldwide territorial & jurisdictional cover (excl. USA & Canada)

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