Commercial Legal Expenses

In today’s increasingly competitive world, disputes and resulting legal action are on the rise. This policy is additional coverage that works alongside our Management Liability & Professional Indemnity products.


This cover is designed to provide pursuit & defence costs that may not be otherwise covered by your existing Liability policies. For example, your Professional Indemnity policy may cover a claim made against you for negligence or error, but it won't fund a lawyer to enforce a debt that you were owed by a non-paying customer. This is the type of event where your Commercial Legal Expenses policy steps up.

In addition, it includes complimentary access to telephone legal advice from qualified Australian lawyers. The Delta Legal Helpline gives policyholders access to independent & expert legal advice to help mitigate disputes ever reaching litigation.

Insured Events

Commercial Contract Disputes

Property Disputes

Data Protection

Statutory Licence

Employee’s Breach of Restrictive Covenants

Tax Audit Protection

Criminal Prosecution*

Employment Disputes*

Discrimination Protection*

*Not available under the Management Liability package


Australia & New Zealand



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