Cyber Protection

Any business handling customer data, transacting online or using the internet has an exposure to cyber. This policy is a complete privacy breach response management and information security insurance solution, designed to cover your business against the dangerous world of cyber risks.


How you handle a cyber breach can be critical to the operations of your business and its reputation. The breach response service provided under the policy, is a team of dedicated cyber specialists and professionals, forensic experts, lawyers, and PR consultants who exclusively focus on assisting you through an incident.

Coverage Benefits

24/7 rapid response from the top IT security experts locally and internationally

Through us, you can access the full suite of Beazley Breach Response Services to immediately contain a cyberattack, restrict third party access & secure the perimeter of your IT Infrastructure.

Breach Response Services

Legal Services

Computer forensic services

Notification services

Call centre services

Credit monitoring and identity monitoring

Public relations and crisis management expenses

First Party Coverage

Business Interruption loss from security breach or systems failure

Dependent business interruption loss from security breach of system failure

Cyber extortion loss

Data recovery loss

Data and network liability

Third Party Coverage

Third party information security and privacy coverage

Full media liability

Regulatory defence and penalties

Payment card liability and costs

E Crime

Fraudulent Instruction

Telephone Fraud

Funds Transfer

Breach Response Boost

Designed to provide you with full policy limits, and then some! If the breach response service limits are exhausted in responding to a breach, the breach response boost will kick in, providing additional breach response cover via the limit available in the policy aggregate limit of liability.

Target Segments

Architects & Engineers

Advertising & Marketing


Professional Services

Law firms


Training Consultants


Wholesalers / manufacturers



Real Estate Agents

Industries we are unable to write

Foreign Currency Exchange

Government/Public Authorities

Adult Entertainment

Utility companies



Defence, Military & Aerospace






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