Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professionals owe a duty of care to their clients. This cover is necessary if you are receiving income to provide a professional service involving specialist knowledge or expertise, including advice, design, consultancy, opinion, and analysis to a third party.


This cover protects professionals against claims of negligence or breach of duty that may result in financial loss, bodily injury or property damage. Even if you are found not liable, the threat of claims and litigation can be costly and frustrating to defend, taking a huge toll on your business and reputation. This policy can protect against these costs, minimising the disruption to you and your business.

Coverage Benefits

Providing cover for civil liability arising from:

Professional negligence, act error or omission

A violation of the rights of privacy or publicity of an invidividual

Unintentional defamation, libel or slander

Breach of confidence or misuse of information

Any unintentional breach of contract

Unintentional intellectual property infringement

Additional Covers

Additional covers provided to ensure there is added protection include:

Continuous cover

Joint venture and partnerships

Civil fines and penalties

Bodily injury and property damage arising from the provision of Professional Services

Automatic Reinstatement of the Policy Limit

Public relations costs

Court attendance costs

Misleading and deceptive conduct

Protection for innocent employees from dishonest acts by other employees

Documentation restoration costs

Indirect Cyber Liability to ensure professional services remain covered

Target Segments

Management & Organisational Consultants

Graphic Designers

Project Management (excl Construction)

Training Consultants (incl Business Coaches)

Advertising & Marketing Consultants

Landscape Designers

Town Planners

Event Management

Public Relations Consultants


Employment Placement Services

Human Resource Consultants

Quality Assurance Consultants

Various other Miscellaneous Risks

Industries we are unable to write

Financial Institutions (any entity with an AFSL)


Travel Agents

Medical Professionals

Engineers & Surveyors

Building certifiers

Real Estate Agents






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