In the past six months, Oliver Gilmore has gone from knowing virtually nothing about Delta Insurance, to one of its biggest advocates.

Ollie joined the Australian arm of the business in March, just weeks after it launched into the new market.

“I really liked both the sound of the role and the company, how they want to do things differently and aren’t just driven by profit,” he says.

“They seemed really focused on investing in their staff and creating career opportunities for them, so I knew it wasn’t going to just be a one-year type place, which aligns with what I look for in an employer.

While Ollie may have been unsure about how his interviews went (much like the rest of us when we go for jobs!) the team at Delta Insurance Australia knew he was the perfect fit.

“I kept getting called back and I realised they were more interested in finding people that fit the culture and the team, rather than having all the technical experience,” he says.

“Our Australian office is still relatively small as we continue to grow, so it’s important that we all get along and work together as a team, particularly as there are so many different aspects to the business we all get involved in.

So has Ollie’s experience aligned with the experience he thought he would have when he was approached by a recruiter all those months ago? Absolutely.

“Everyone from (founders) Ian and Craig to my bosses Steve and Tesh here in Australia all work hard to ensure we feel included and are all on the same journey,” he says.

Arriving at Delta Insurance Australia just after its launch may have been a daunting prospect, but Ollie says it actually worked in his favour.

“I’ve been accompanying (Australian founder and director) Steve as he introduces brokers and customers to the brand, so the focus hasn’t just been on me as a new starter,” he says.

“In my previous role I didn’t get the opportunity to do a lot of market-facing work, so this has been really enjoyable.”

As for the future, Ollie is excited to continue to develop expertise in different areas of the business.

“When it comes to underwriting, I love the research and the learning that you get to do along the way, no matter what the product line is”, he says.